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Micron specializes in designing and building thermoforming molds and tooling used in the manufacturing of:

  • Food Packaging
  • Food Service Ware
  • Consumer Products and Packaging

From relatively simple products such as meat trays, to patterned dinnerware, to today’s most complex vented hinged lid container products, Micron has the design and manufacturing expertise needed to produce thermoforming molds and tooling for your projects.

Design and Build Capabilities

Micron can assist in producing thermoforming molds and tooling for your products at any stage from concept through completion. At the product prototype stage, we can provide assistance in completing your designs to help ensure manufacturability and end product conformity. We can also produce prototype products, molds, or tooling to help your company envision the final end product design.

If your product designs are complete, we can design, build, and test molds and tooling for your products that will enable your company to meet production requirements quickly and reliably – on budget and on time. And, we can help shorten lead times for your products by beginning the build process while final mold and tooling designs are being completed at Micron.

If your thermoforming mold or tooling designs are already complete, choose Micron as your first source for fast, reliable, and cost effective manufacturing of the molds and tooling needed for your projects.

On-site Manufacturing

Micron was one of the first companies to utilize advanced CAD, CAM, and CNC technologies for machining complex patterns into mold components. We are constantly updating our CAD and CAM systems and CNC machining centers to provide the capabilities needed to economically produce the types of molds and tooling needed for manufacturing today’s thermoformed end products.

We also maintain on-site capabilities for ensuring the conformance of individual mold and tooling components to design specifications and for gap checking finished molds before shipment to your plant.

Experience in Materials

Our thermoforming related services are oriented toward both foam and rigid product manufacturing. We have broad experience with many different types of end product thermoforming materials including:

  • Polystyrene (PS)
  • Oriented Polystyrene (OPS)
  • Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate
  • Polypropylene
  • Biodegradables

Thermoforming Molds

The combination of our large capacity CNC milling machines and dedicated gundrilling equipment enables us to produce major thermoforming mold components such as mold bases and cooling bases quickly and economically on-site. And, our array of CNC and conventional machining equipment, combined with the craftsmanship and expertise of our staff of manufacturing professionals, enables us to produce all of the other machined components for your projects using the exact mix of technologies needed to complete them in the most cost effective way.

Trim Tools

Micron can also provide design and build services for trim tools and other types of production tooling needed to complete the overall tooling package for your thermoforming projects.

Repair and Rebuild Services

Micron can economically repair or rebuild your existing thermoforming molds and tooling to:

  • Extend their productive life
  • Incorporate design changes
  • Reuse existing components for new
    end product designs

We can provide interchangeable or spare parts to maximize your production flexibility and up time. And, we can duplicate your existing thermoforming molds and tooling for increased production capacity.

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